Private Housing Initiative for Eeyou Istchee

Supporting communities and individuals to build new homes in Eeyou Istchee

On May 27, 2020, the Cree Nation Government approved the Community Private Housing Initiative. This new Program Initiative will encourage access to private homeownership in all Cree communities. By doing so Cree Nation Government and local governments will:

  1. Generate new housing for current and future generations of people living in Eeyou Istchee
  2. Support current businesses while generating new opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs under an accelerated housing market
  3. Establish opportunities for private homeownership that are the foundation of a real estate market
Under this new Program Initiative, a Local Government can either provide private housing subsidies to Cree individuals or its local business development corporation.

Overview of the Private Housing Initiative Program

For Individuals applying to the Private Housing Initiative for Eeyou Istchee

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Process for Application and Approval of Subsidies

The process for application of subsidy follows 5 steps that align with the construction of your home. We have provided an outline of the process below:

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Program Resources and Publications

Brochures, Forms and Documents that have been created for the Regional Private Housing Program

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Local Housing Contacts

Local Housing Personnel and Administrators

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Contact Form

For more information or assistance with applying for the Private Housing Initiative for Eeyou Istchee

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