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Emplois au sein du Gouvernement de la Nation crie

  • Coordinator of Outreach and Wellness
    To be determined
    Développement social et culturel
    Temporary (Funding Agreement 2019-2024)
    (Min. $56,158.00 – Max. $84,237.00)
    Fonctions principales

    The Coordinator of Outreach and Wellness is responsible for assisting with the promotion, development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies and programs designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness in the communities.

    Characteristic functions

    Functional Responsibilities
    • Support and promote the Cree Nation Government’s social and cultural priority areas.
    • Provide support to the Director to develop, recommend, implement and evaluate policies and programs to promote the social and cultural development of the Cree communities.
    • Develop and deliver a variety of workshops/presentations to leadership, community, special interest groups on youth wellness and outreach initiatives.
    • Assist with the development of opportunities to build community awareness including public consultation.
    • Assist and provide support to communities in order to implement, evaluate and improve programs.
    • Ensure the development, evaluation and revision of the local projects identified by the communities.
    • Assist in researching and finding evaluation and assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of programs.
    • Oversee the development and update the tools required to support the communities.
    • Assist the communities with the delivery of programs by providing support, training and material.
    • Support and participate in the development and supervision of the annual regional action plan of the communities.
    • Facilitate the reviewing process for the communities’ projects proposals.

    Interaction/Communication Responsibilities
    • Ensure effective promotion of activities, agreements and programs across the Cree communities, in order to build awareness of social and cultural issues.

    • Establish relations with regional organizations such as Cree School Board, Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay, and Cree Nation Government’s Department (CHRD, Justice and Correctional Services and Commerce and Industry).
    • In collaboration with the communities, develop and implement a communication plan.
    • Plan regular conference call with the communities and produce agenda.

    Funding Responsibilities
    • Identify and provide support to the Director to secure funding from governments and others related to the Cree regional social and cultural development.
    • Prepare quarterly reports on the projects funded.
    • Develop policies and procedures regarding the funding.
    • Advise communities and partner organizations on administrative policies and procedures related to the Fund.
    • Compile assessment of projects implemented.
    • In collaboration with the Liaison Officer to ensure reporting is done correctly to allow for transparency and accountability of Fund for annual audit.
    • In collaboration with the Liaison Officer to prepare reports, charts, and graphs related to the administration of the Fund.
    Reporting Responsibilities
    • Prepare activity reports.
    • Compile and analyze data for all programs and services delivered in order to provide statistical information on the results and impacts of such services and programs. Present and discuss findings with the communities to support decision-making.
    • Provide recommendations to the communities for the review and improvement of existing databases in order to provide, relevant and valuable statistical information and facilitate its analysis.
    • Liaise upon request with other Cree entities and Cree Nation Government departments to gather relevant statistical information to complement analysis of programs and services.

    Other Responsibilities
    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in area(s) of responsibility.
    • Perform other duties as required.


    Education and Certification
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Administration, Social Sciences, Education or related field.

    • Three to five years of relevant work experience.
    • Experience in project management is an asset.

    • Fluency in verbal Cree.
    • Fluency in English.
    • Fluency in French is an asset.

    Knowledge and Abilities
    • Customer-focused and service-oriented.
    • Proven success in maintaining strong communication, including the ability to facilitate effectively.
    • High attention to detail and accuracy.
    • Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple projects.
    • Proven ability to demonstrate strong judgment in complex situations.
    • Proven ability to problem-solve, to think strategically, and to take initiative.
    • Demonstrated ability to work under significant pressure and to adapt to a changing environment.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office products.

    Additional Requirements
    • Typical office setting where there are no unusual physical demands.
    • Willingness to travel extensively.
    • Willingness to undergo a background check.

    The Cree Nation Government may, at its discretion, waive any or all of the requirements if a suitable candidate who is a JBNQA beneficiary accepts to follow a training plan determined by the Cree Nation Government as a condition of employment.


    Votre demande doit être envoyée par courriel ou par télécopieur avec le numéro de concours: SCD-190405-1

    Application Period
    From April 11, 2019 to April 26, 2019

    Your application must be sent by email with the competition number: SCD-190405-1
    Valerie Mianscum
    Recruitment Officer
    Tel.: 819-673-2600

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