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Community Mapping

Community Mapping is an important initiative that is overseen by the Capital Works and Services Department of Cree Nation Government. Maps are continually updated to include new street names, key locations and rendered to scale. If you wish to request a map to a different specification you can contact the Capital Works and Services Department


Eastmain is located on the east coast of James Bay and on the shore of the Eastmain River. Eastmain is named after the Hudson Bay trading post that was originally located on the north shore of the Eastmain River. It is home to approximately 833 residents.


Oujé-Bougoumou is one of the inland communities located along the shore of Lake Opemiska. It is home to approximately 936 people. Oujé-Bougoumou is Cree for the Place Where People Gather.


Waswanipi is the most southern inland community located along the Waswanipi River. It is home to approximately 2,008 people. Waswanipi is Cree for Light on the Water. it describes their past when they used the torch light fueled by pine tar, to spear and catch sturgeon that had gathered to spawn at the mouth of Waswanipi River.


Wemindji is located at the mouth of the Maquatua River and is the third northernmost community located on the coast of James Bay. It is home to 1539 Cree and 55 Non-Cree people. Wemindji is Cree for Paint Hills or Red Ochre Mountain.