Miyuuhpichinaausuwin Apatisiiwin

Childcare Programs and Services

Providing funding for childcare centres programs and services in Eeyou Istchee

Miyuuhpichinaausuwin Apatisiiwin provides funding through agreements with Ministère de la Famillle, Service Canada, Health Canada and Avenir d’enfants to all childcare centres and services provided in Eeyou Istchee.


The Miyuuhpichinaausuwin Apatisiiwin department is mandated through several agreements to provide technical and administrative support to all Cree childcare centres in Eeyou Istchee.


We support and empower all early childhood programs in Eeyou/Eenou Istchee


Ensuring a strong early childhood foundation to foster a stronger future in Eeyou/Eenou Istchee.

Childcare Programs and Agreements

The Agreement respecting childcare centres between the Government of Québec and the Cree Nation Government gives us various responsibilities, including:

  • Renewal of childcare centres’ permits
  • Inspections
  • Background inquiries for all staff and board members of childcare centres
  • Assisting with local and regional complaints
  • Providing technical and professional support to centres

Here is a list of programs dedicated to our children, our future:

The Cree Childcare Program is funded through an agreement between the Cree Human Resources Development Department (CHRD) and Service Canada. This program allows local childcare centres to improve the ratio of children to educators, thus enhancing the quality of services.

The Cree Head Start Program is funded by Health Canada. Through this program, educators facilitate educational activities within childcare facilities or through home visits for families of children who do not attend the childcare centres. Home visits are a great way to introduce developmental activities for young children and to help children and parents alike discover the joys of learning through play. Other activities offered through the Head Start program included services for children who have special needs, various stimulation activities for children, parent-child playgroups, parenting workshops, nutrition workshops, first aid training for parents and various events to highlight the special bond that connects the Cree communities with young children.

The Maternal and Child Health Program is funded by Health Canada. This program allows us to establish a partnership with the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay in order to deliver health promotion services to children and families, through the  Mashkûpimâtsît Awash program.

Our latest agreement, Avenir d’enfants, is funded jointly by the Chagnon Foundation and the Government of Québec. This program will allow us to contribute to the overall development of children five and under living in poverty, and to help ensure that every one of them has a chance to get a good start in life. Many projects will be implemented in Eeyou Istchee in the near future to further these goals.


The Miyuuhpichinaausuwin Apatisiiwin Department is mandated to:

  • Provide technical and administrative support to childcare centres in Eeyou Istchee.
  • Act as the liaison between funding sources to our childcare centres.
  • Provide accessibility and affordability of Child and Family Services
  • Provide training and development to all childcare employees.
  • Renew childcare permits.
  • Conduct inspection of childcare facilities & services
  • Maintain and conduct necessary renovations of childcare facilities.
  • Partner with other entities who support early childhood development.


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