Finance and Treasury

Compliance, transparency and accountability are our pillars.

The Cree Nation Government is constantly evolving in order to meet the increasing reporting responsibilities and improve measures relating to financial transparency and accountability.

The Department of Finance and Treasury supports Cree communities and entities in negotiating funding agreements as well as in delivering financial, accounting and statistical services.


Our purpose is to provide financial administration for the Cree Nation Government. We oversee everything from financial strategies to day-to-day transactional accounting, the tracking, and the management of any government reporting. Handling payroll and all fiscal matters is also part of our critical functions.


The Finance and Treasury Department is also responsible for reconciliations and upholding the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) standards of accounting principles, all of which are implemented with a view toward compliance, fraud and theft prevention. Our role is to establish and apply error-free and rigorous procedures.


In order to contribute to management and improve overall operations, our tasks include:

  • Measuring and reporting on key numbers
  • Providing financial information to managers so they may monitor operations
  • Preparing budgets, forecasts and progress reports


We are responsible for the Cree Nation Government’s cash flow, always ensuring sufficient funds are available for daily requirements. For needs beyond the day-to-day working capital, the Finance and Treasury Department advises and sources for long-term financing. In addition, we negotiate funding agreements and oversee that consistent accounting and reporting standards are held for these agreements. We continuously work with communities to develop a standardized financial reporting template and ensure compliance with obligations.


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