Towards sustainable development of mineral resources in Eeyou Istchee

The Cree Nation Government supports and promotes the development of mineral resources in the James Bay region of Northern Quebec within principles established by the JBNQA. The Cree Nation recognizes the increased economic and social opportunity offered by the mining sector, insofar as the social and environmental regime is adhered to. Accordingly, we have developed a Cree Nation Mining Policy which provides guiding principles for the conduct of mineral exploration and mining activities in a sustainable manner, respectful of Cree rights and interests.

Purpose of the Cree Nation Mining Policy

The purpose of the policy is to develop a standardized, consistent and effective approach for Cree involvement in all mining related activities occurring on the Territory, including but not limited to, exploration, extraction and the closure of mining projects.

Mining Policy Pillars

This mining policy is based on 3 fundamental pillars which together guide mineral exploration and mining activity within the Eeyou Istchee territory.

The pillars of the Cree Nation Mining Policy are:

1. Promotion and support of mining activities – The Crees support and promote the development of mining as part of their approach to natural resource management and as a tool for social and economic development.

2. Mining and sustainable practices – The Crees believe that mining activities must be done in a manner that is compatible with sustainable development. Appropriate existing governance tools are to be used thoroughout all phases of mining activities, including social and economic agreements, environmental assessments and remediation processes.

3. Transparency and collaboration – The Crees believe that mineral exploration and mining activities in the territory should be a transparent and collaborative process.