Best Practices for Sustainable Fishing Derbies

Best practices for sustainable fishing derbies in Eeyou Istchee video

Fishing derbies organised in Eeyou Istchee have been known to attract over three hundred participants per event bringing fishermen from other regions and other provinces, thus acting as vectors for invasive species and increasing risk exposure to their introduction. To ensure the sustainability of these events, here are some recommended guidelines which the Cree Nation Government strongly encourage our fishermen, derby organisers, and communities to implement.



For the past decade, sport fishing derbies have grown in popularity in Eeyou Istchee. Cree communities have gained positive benefits from these events fostering tourism and building community and inter-community relationships. However, concerns in regards to potential impacts of these events on our local fisheries, aquatic ecosystems and traditional practices have prompted the Cree Nation to engage communities in building awareness on the potential risks associated with these events.