Overview of the Private Housing Initiative Program

For Individuals applying to the Private Housing Initiative for Eeyou Istchee


Cree individuals (applicants) who wish to build their own private house in a Cree community may apply to the Local Government for a private housing subsidy. They must submit to the local Housing Administrator an Application duly completed and provide the required supporting documents.

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Eligibility for Individuals

The Regional Housing Program is available to Cree individuals and provides a private housing subsidy so they can build their own houses in the community. An applicant must be:

  1. A Cree individual that is at least 18 years of age;
  2. Have no existing arrears or debt with the local government related to housing programs, user fees or including (but not limited to) past and present overdue rent.
  3. The applicant must demonstrate relevant credit criteria as determined by a financial institution, including the capacity to finance the remaining balance required to construct the housing unit/project through:
    1. A letter from the financial institution confirming the capacity of the applicant top self-finance the project, or;
    2. A commitment letter from the financial institution to provide a loan to finance the project.

Your local housing administrator can assist you with understanding your current standing with arrears or debt, and understanding how to advance your application.

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Eligible Projects for Funding

New housing units built by Cree individual:

  • New housing units, consisting of self-contained dwelling units, with washroom, kitchen and sleeping facilities;
  • The housing units must be used as the main residence, rather than seasonal or vacation homes; and
  • Either detached or semi-detached houses, row houses or independent units that form part of a multi-unit complex.

In addition, an applicant must provide:

  1. Confirmation that suitable parcel of land on Category IA land has been set aside for the purpose of constructing a housing unit and that a perpetual right of superficies has been adopted by council resolution.
  2. An individual must also provide construction plans that are approved by an architect and confirmation that a licensed contractor will be constructing the housing unit/project.

Applying as a Business or Development Corporation

If you are a local business or development corporation that is interested in applying to the program, we recommend that you contact your local housing administrator. They will be able to guide you through the application process and outline applicable project types for construction.

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