Indigenous Nations, organizations and prominent individuals support federal implementation of UN Indigenous rights Declaration

In an open letter published this week in The Hill Times, 37 Indigenous Nations and governments and other organizations, and 125 human rights advocates, are calling for the timely passage of Bill C-15, the proposed federal legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Nemaska, Eeyou Istchee (March 10, 2021)

The open letter coincides with the beginning of Parliamentary hearings on the Bill, which was tabled by the Liberal government in early December. Romeo Saganash, whose private Member’s bill, Bill C-262, provided the model for C-15, is among the expert witnesses testifying on March 11.

The letter calls Bill C-15 “an historic opportunity to advance reconciliation.” Noting that stalling preventing Bill C-262 becoming law, the letter states:

“Concrete measures to implement the UN Declaration in Canadian law and policy are necessary and overdue. Passage of Bill C-15 should be a top priority for all Members of Parliament and Senators.”

Signatories include the Assembly of First Nations, the Inuit Circumpolar Council, the Métis National Council, a former Attorney General of Canada, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, a former Premier of the Northwest Territories, the chair of a UN human rights committee, notable philanthropists, and grassroots leaders and activists, among others.

The letter and the full list of signatories to date can be found at:

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